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Put a stop to the cholesterol and the pounds in excess without therapy (Part 6)

Medication against the cholesterol is not the ransom of glory:
It seems regular that a person,individual of around 50 at which people discovers a cholesterol overage says: my doctor will prescribe medicine and my problem will be solved. Too easy! Certainly not, you are just wrong!

Any chemical essence introduced into the body often can draw in soft secondary effects, someday terrible, from tiny digestive troubles until more hard incidents. You have just to take a look the famous note placed in each box of medicament to be surprised.

A real story:
Mr X is on the point of celebrating Christmas in his family. This man with a certain fatness has been treated for one month by an anti-cholesterol medicament which will allow him (he was thinking) to pass by this special diet against the cholesterol.
In this morning of this festive, Mr X is terrified: for a few days its wild hunger has made place with an unexplained anorexia and he especially discovers with stupor that his eyes are yellow. Called immediately, his doctor rapidly made diagnose: an hepatitis, validated the same day by a blood test. This ignition of the liver will prove to be due to the medicine against cholesterol.
Sad end of Christmas for Mr X who spent several weeks to rest from the accident but which cures by luck without outcome.
For this day, this jovial fellow has scrupulously followed the diet imposed by his doctor, diet which paid off (standardized cholesterol, kilos in excess volatilized) and he never feels so well!

A learning to be memorized:
Follow your lose of weight which will become after a few weeks a new mode of nourishment you as far from being pitiable and monotonous. You will fell yourselves in perfect health, much more alarm and you will not want any more to proceed in this wrong way.

A capital accuracy:
Logically, there is no question of underestimating the imperative compulsiveness here to utilize anti-cholesterol medicine when the results obtained by the diet are not sufficient.
But a medicinal prescription will be done only after having been promised that the food rules will have been perfectly complied.

The sport, an indispensable supplement with your diet:
Studies showed that the sport practiced recurrently creates an increase in the good cholesterol (remember, this is the HDL cholesterol) and more the sport activity is important more this advantage is considerable.
It is not neverthelessyet in our target to want to transform you into a marathon runner or high level triathlon runner!

It is enough for you to prefer a physical activity which you love and which you perform in an hard-working manner. quotidian walk is entirely adapted. You can too enroll with a club of swimming, pedestrian excursions or bicycle.
If your professional career is too much loaded, change simply your wrong habits: eave your car for little courses and do not hesitate to leave the elevator for two or three floors.

Let us notify in addition that a regular physical activity makes it possible to fight other cardiovascular factors. First advantage, ponderal overflow: there is not true sportsman obese. Secondly, nicotine consumption: sport and tobacco are antagonistic terms. Thirdly, high blood pressure (arterial hypertension): the physical activity is an essential key to fight this affection.

Beware! The hardent sports must absolutely be prevented starting from 40 years old: tennis, squash, badminton, speed races ... especially in competition.
So however you implicitly wish to continue at this age such sport, it is essential to consult your cardiologist who will propose to you a test effort, only equitable manner to control your aptitude for such exercises.

About the Author: Patrick Beaufay provides on his blog good info about the cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol. For instance, how to calculate the bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol).The burn the fat and feed the muscle program fights as well against the cholesterol: burn fat fast

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